Day 97 -The Brain that Change Itself

We met with Ciaran's neurologist today.  All in all, we were very happy with the appointment.  Basically Ciaran's head growth has completely stabalized - it has only grown .5 cm in the past six months which is typical to a normal developing child.  Ciaran's EEG came back as mildly abnormal so he will continue to take his Trileptal to treat his absent seizures. The EEG indicated that Ciaran does have some eptileptic seizure activity, however, the EEG waves are intermittent which means that clinically Ciaran is not having 'clinical seizures'. He is likely having intermittent activity because there is an area of his brain that is still irritable. We don't need to chase after them because they only last milliseconds and ultimately they don't effect brain function.

As you all know, Ciaran's brain damage is in the right temporal and occipital lobe. This area of the brain tends to cause more staring like episodes rather than more typical shaking episodes. The three bigger seizures that Ciaran has had in the past year were a result of the onset of a sudden illness. Triggers of seizures like these are exhaustion, fever, or sudden onset of illness. It is good to know this as it forces us to be much more diligent with him regarding taking it easy.

The best news that we received last week is that Ciaran's brain is working much more effectively than it was working a year ago. His last EEG showed brain wave activity in sleeping state at 1-2 hz which is below normal. This time his brain wave activity in a sleeping state was between 3-4 hz which is normal. This is very exciting - as it tells us that Ciaran's brain is working much more efficiently now. This is demonstrated in so many ways - particular ones that we have witnessed being - his faster processing speed, better communication skills, and his ability to share his unique sense of humour with us. Clearly, all of the amazing intervention that he receives is working. Just goes to show you the plasticity of the human brain!!! It is one thing to witness the amazing changes we see in Ciaran - it is another to have data that supports these changes!!!

Anyhow, that is all that I have for you now. Hope you are all enjoying your summer!

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Stacie said...

Greatest news ever! I am very happy for you and Ciaran.