Mission 365 - Day 68

I am sure that some of you may recognize this picture as it as already appeared in my 'Mission 365'.  It is reappearing for two reasons.  First, we have basically done nothing since Tuesday as we have tried to give Ciaran the time that he needed to rest and recover from being sick.  Ciaran is doing much better.  He was quite groggy for most of the week, but really came into his own his weekend.  Thanks to all our family and friends for your concern.  We have appreciated your calls and emails more than you know.

Secondly - to Cris - if you are reading this...as you know I absolutely loved my Mother's Day gift...I just wish that it was installed on my computer properly so that I could use this time saving and exciting gadget...

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Anonymous said...

Glad to hear that Ciaran is doing much better. The anti-convulsive medication would also knock Maddie out for days. Like a drunken sailor. Hopefully new dosage of Trileptal will keep things under control.
Love to all,
Diane & Phil