Mission 365 - Day 64

Ciaran had a big blood workup done yesterday to try to determine what brought on the seizures.  The blood work came back clear.  Cris and I were on edge as whenever there is vomiting accompanied by seizures, a huge concern is whether or not there is pressure in the brain as a result of Ciaran's longstanding Hydrocepheles condition.  This was a huge source of stress when Ciaran was first admitted to the hospital as pressure in the head is a very serious condition - one that would require surgical intervention. 

My gut told me that the vomiting was a result of a stomach bug that was going around among some of my friend's kids.  What was confusing was the fact that we had only seen Ciaran have this type of seizure on two other occasions - both of which were brought on by fevers.  The on-call pediatrician talked with Ciaran's neurologist and he felt based on all of the information presented- that the most likely cause of the seizure was the onset of a flu/illness which sets the body out of wack accompanied by exhaustion - which in children like Ciaran could bring on a seizure. They have upped his anti-seizure meds based on his weight gain since first being put on Trileptal and they gave him a strong anticonvulsant medication to stop/curb the seizing.  The anticonvulsant medication is extremely strong and as you can see from today's picture has taken it's toll on our sweet, sweet Ciaran. He was getting restless after being in bed all day so Cris took him for a walk in the hospital wheelchair.  As you can see, he was just wiped!!!

He is on the mend.  Just needs a lot of rest and tender loving care in the next few days. 

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BusyLizzyMom said...

Poor fella, he looks so groggy. It is so hard to tell what is what and to be safe they have to rule out the worst. It must be so tiring for you and Chris with so many different things (and kids) to worry about.
Sorry about the house but as you know finding the right school is imperative.