Mission 365 - Day 63

The last few days have been quite difficult.  We found a house that we were really interested in only to learn that the school that Ciaran and Shay would attend if we moved there was not as accessible as we would have hoped (this is a long post in itself - there are so many things to think about re: accessibility that we never even thought of.)  Needless to say, our house hunt has temporarily been put on hold until we research the various schools in the different neighbourhoods under consideration. 

On Tuesday afternoon, I got a call from Ciaran's daycare saying that he had just thrown up and that he was a bit unresponsive.  When I got to the daycare, it appeared that Ciaran was having a seizure and we called 911.  Ciaran had a series of seizures on his way to the hospital.  He was given anticonvulsant medications which completely knocked him out.  He had to stay overnight and all day today to monitor seizure activity.  Today was a much better day.  Here is a picture of him last night before I left him for the night with Cris.  My poor little man :(


Stacie said...

Your picture brought back memories for me. Those seizures take it out of the entire family. I hope they are under control soon and Ciaran recovers quickly.

Anonymous said...

Sweet boy Ciaran. I'm sorry it's rough right now Liza and Cris.
I hope today is a better one.