Mission 365 - Day 60

So the house hunt continues....today Riley came over and looked after Ciaran and Shay for a few hours while Cris, Rowan and I went and looked at a few houses in Oakville and Burlington.  We definitely saw a few interesting houses...the hardest part of the search is getting our head around the fact that we will be downsizing considerably with regard to living space...this is definitely an added stress in the whole equation of things.  Who knew that finding a house would be so stressful...my life of making choices on a whim is sooo over!!!!

The boys enjoyed their time with Riles as did Rowan when he had a chance to catch up with her for a few hours after we got home.  As you can see, Rowan has a connection with Riley too!

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Riley said...

These pictures make me giggle... :)