Day 76

Today we worked on an Arts and Crafts activity that Ciaran and Shay really enjoy- of course taking advantage of the fact that whilst doing something they enjoy - they are also working on their fine motor skills and scissor skills.  It is funny how different their final products turned out despite the fact that they were given the exact same task - and more importantly, how much each picture represents Ciaran and Shay's unique  personalities.  Can you guess which picture belongs to Ciaran/Shay?

Masterpiece 1

Masterpiece 2

If you guessed Masterpiece 1 belonged to Shay - you are exactly right!!! I did not realize at the time that he was ensuring he was getting one piece of tape of each colour - as soon as he had all eight colours on his paper - Shay announced he was all done.  His art work, like Shay is organized, thought out, and very linear.  Ciaran's artwork on the other hand is abstract, unique and beautiful.  I must say that Ciaran's 3D effect was more a result of his weak fine motor skills and his inability to use both of his hands 100%  functionally - but that is what makes him so unique and special :)

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