Day 74

So - yes we are a little out of sorts - this week our house is getting painted so we are staying at Nana's and Granda's.  Rowan was bathed in the kitchen sink by his Nana yesterday and was given a special hair treatment to try to get rid of his stubborn 'cradle cap'.  I was pleasantly surprised with the results!!!

Ciaran has had pink eye since Monday after school which has not been much fun.  He was out of school Tuesday and Wednesday - and was even more out of sorts as we are not staying at home and his favourite person - his Daddy - is away on business.  All of these factors compounded together left Nana, Granda and I quite haggered as he pushed the limits all week.  My goodness, I don't know what happened to my sweet obedient little man - he now has a mind of his own - and is as determined as his brother to get his own way.  Thankkfully, he is back to school today and we will all get a little break!!!

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