Day 72

Yes - it took a whole 74 days for Shay to acknowledge his baby brother Rowan...but, as I predicted now that he has acknowledged him - he is a very good big brother who is extremely attentive to Rowan's needs.  Tonight on the way home from Nana and Granda's, Rowan was quite upset from the onset and cried most of the way home.  Shay was right there by Rowan's side looking for his dodo which could not be found and told me at LEAST 50 times (I started counting after we got off the highway which was half way home - and I counted over 25) that "Mommy - Rowan is crying - he needs a dodo."  I think he thought I didn't notice :)

The minute we got home, Shay found a dodo for Rowan and proceeded to pop it right into his mouth.  I am so glad that he has finely warmed to him :)

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