Day 78

It is Sunday - the end of an extremely hectic week in the Parreira/Sneyd household.  We had the house painted this week and Cris was away on business in Iowa - so Ciaran, Shay, Rowan and I packed our bags and moved into my parents for the week.

On Monday, when I picked up Ciaran from preschool, it appeared that Ciaran had pink eye.  The next morning when he woke up - it was clear that he had a nasty case of pink eye - probably the worst case I have ever seen.  So he was home for the week and was completely out of sorts.  No preschool, no routine, sore, itchy scratchy eyes - to say he was difficult - is a understatement.  He was not able to express his uncomfortableness  adequately with words - so instead he used behaviour.

My Mom, Dad and I were absolutely exhausted by the end of the week.  The boys had a hard time settling at bedtimes because again there are so used to their routines.Even Rowan was a bit out of sorts.

We survived.  The boys had a great time going for walks with their Granda, climbing trees, and having him read stories to them before they went to bed.  They also loved the gourmet meals made by Nana and all of the love and attention she showered on them.  Thanks Mom and Dad for everything!  I know the smiles, love and cuddles make it all worth it - our boys absolutely adore you :)

Day 77 - Presence

Rowan has an amazing presence.  Already, he is demanding attention and refuses to be left behind.  I LOVE this about his personality - this little guy will not be pushed around by his big brothers!!!

Day 76

Today we worked on an Arts and Crafts activity that Ciaran and Shay really enjoy- of course taking advantage of the fact that whilst doing something they enjoy - they are also working on their fine motor skills and scissor skills.  It is funny how different their final products turned out despite the fact that they were given the exact same task - and more importantly, how much each picture represents Ciaran and Shay's unique  personalities.  Can you guess which picture belongs to Ciaran/Shay?

Masterpiece 1

Masterpiece 2

If you guessed Masterpiece 1 belonged to Shay - you are exactly right!!! I did not realize at the time that he was ensuring he was getting one piece of tape of each colour - as soon as he had all eight colours on his paper - Shay announced he was all done.  His art work, like Shay is organized, thought out, and very linear.  Ciaran's artwork on the other hand is abstract, unique and beautiful.  I must say that Ciaran's 3D effect was more a result of his weak fine motor skills and his inability to use both of his hands 100%  functionally - but that is what makes him so unique and special :)

Day 75

Found a camera to borrow - my good old Dad's!  Got a bit carried away with taking pictures tonight when Ciaran, Shay, my Dad and I went for a walk just behind my parents house - it was absolutely beautiful out!  As you can see from these pictures...I am so very blessed...


Day 74

So - yes we are a little out of sorts - this week our house is getting painted so we are staying at Nana's and Granda's.  Rowan was bathed in the kitchen sink by his Nana yesterday and was given a special hair treatment to try to get rid of his stubborn 'cradle cap'.  I was pleasantly surprised with the results!!!

Ciaran has had pink eye since Monday after school which has not been much fun.  He was out of school Tuesday and Wednesday - and was even more out of sorts as we are not staying at home and his favourite person - his Daddy - is away on business.  All of these factors compounded together left Nana, Granda and I quite haggered as he pushed the limits all week.  My goodness, I don't know what happened to my sweet obedient little man - he now has a mind of his own - and is as determined as his brother to get his own way.  Thankkfully, he is back to school today and we will all get a little break!!!

Day 73

I have a few posts to catch up on.  We have been extremely busy clearing out the house as it is getting painted this week.  If was good that we were forced to start clearing out now as it will make life is a bit more manageable when it is time to put our house on the market.

I also have been slow to post for another reason.  On Father's Day, Shay had an agitated eye - as we were driving, he kept telling me "Mommy, my eye is broken".  I thought he was being so cute - as I love the literalness of children.  He also had a sliver in his finger from the day before and was sharing "Mommy, I have a stick in my finger" - I thought I would capture the funny moment on flim - so decided to take a picture while Cris was driving.  After I took the pic, I placed my camera back into my camera bag, however, failed to zip it up.

Needless to say, when I got out of the car - I went to fling my camera over my back and the camera went flying.  I am pretty sure that I broke the lens of my camera - arghh...which is sooooo frustrating in itself...however, I think evem more frustrating is the fact that I had to put it in for repairs to diagnose the problem which apparently will take 6-8 seriously!!!!!

So I am on a camera hunt...need to borrow one for the time the meantime, I will be sure to get the picture up of Shay's broken eye and the stick in his finger...don't they say a picture says a thousand words...or did I just make that up???

Day 72

Yes - it took a whole 74 days for Shay to acknowledge his baby brother Rowan...but, as I predicted now that he has acknowledged him - he is a very good big brother who is extremely attentive to Rowan's needs.  Tonight on the way home from Nana and Granda's, Rowan was quite upset from the onset and cried most of the way home.  Shay was right there by Rowan's side looking for his dodo which could not be found and told me at LEAST 50 times (I started counting after we got off the highway which was half way home - and I counted over 25) that "Mommy - Rowan is crying - he needs a dodo."  I think he thought I didn't notice :)

The minute we got home, Shay found a dodo for Rowan and proceeded to pop it right into his mouth.  I am so glad that he has finely warmed to him :)

Day 71

We have a winner!!!  It is next to impossible to find hats/helmets to fit the shape/size of Ciaran's head.  Today I picked up a bike helmet at Toys R Us and thankfully it fits.  Now I have no excuse for taking the boys out in the trailer for bike rides.  I am so excited!!!

Day 70 - A New Perspective of the World

Rowan has a whole new perspective of the world and he clearly loves what he sees....we pulled out the Bumbo seat today and Rowan loved the independence of being able to look at the world around him vertically...I have a feeling that his play gym is no longer going to cut it :) 

Day 69 - He's Back....

Ciaran is definitely feeling better....

 ...and the object of his no other than - his beloved Thomas videos,,,

Mission 365 - Day 68

I am sure that some of you may recognize this picture as it as already appeared in my 'Mission 365'.  It is reappearing for two reasons.  First, we have basically done nothing since Tuesday as we have tried to give Ciaran the time that he needed to rest and recover from being sick.  Ciaran is doing much better.  He was quite groggy for most of the week, but really came into his own his weekend.  Thanks to all our family and friends for your concern.  We have appreciated your calls and emails more than you know.

Secondly - to Cris - if you are reading you know I absolutely loved my Mother's Day gift...I just wish that it was installed on my computer properly so that I could use this time saving and exciting gadget...

Mission 365 - Day 67

Someone has something very important to say...Rowan found his voice these last few days and as you can see from the video clip - he quite likes it :)


Mission 365 - Day 66

Earlier in the week on our way to TEAD's - we stopped at my good friend's Erin's house for a quick visit with her son and daughter - Jack and Ellie.  Shay loved his time at Erin's.  He has been asking to go back to visit Jack all week.  Hopefully with summer coming, we will be better able to fit time for each other into our busy schedules. 

Mission 365 - Day 65

Yesterday Rowan turned 3 months - I can't believe how big he is getting by the day!  At the age of three months, Rowan has endless smiles, giggles, coos, is quite flirtatious with the ladies, pushes himself up on his elbows, has great head control and is all in all - a complete angel!!!  I love him with all my heart and feel so blessed to have him in our lives!!!

Rowan - 3 months

Rowan - 2 months

Mission 365 - Day 64

Ciaran had a big blood workup done yesterday to try to determine what brought on the seizures.  The blood work came back clear.  Cris and I were on edge as whenever there is vomiting accompanied by seizures, a huge concern is whether or not there is pressure in the brain as a result of Ciaran's longstanding Hydrocepheles condition.  This was a huge source of stress when Ciaran was first admitted to the hospital as pressure in the head is a very serious condition - one that would require surgical intervention. 

My gut told me that the vomiting was a result of a stomach bug that was going around among some of my friend's kids.  What was confusing was the fact that we had only seen Ciaran have this type of seizure on two other occasions - both of which were brought on by fevers.  The on-call pediatrician talked with Ciaran's neurologist and he felt based on all of the information presented- that the most likely cause of the seizure was the onset of a flu/illness which sets the body out of wack accompanied by exhaustion - which in children like Ciaran could bring on a seizure. They have upped his anti-seizure meds based on his weight gain since first being put on Trileptal and they gave him a strong anticonvulsant medication to stop/curb the seizing.  The anticonvulsant medication is extremely strong and as you can see from today's picture has taken it's toll on our sweet, sweet Ciaran. He was getting restless after being in bed all day so Cris took him for a walk in the hospital wheelchair.  As you can see, he was just wiped!!!

He is on the mend.  Just needs a lot of rest and tender loving care in the next few days. 

Mission 365 - Day 63

The last few days have been quite difficult.  We found a house that we were really interested in only to learn that the school that Ciaran and Shay would attend if we moved there was not as accessible as we would have hoped (this is a long post in itself - there are so many things to think about re: accessibility that we never even thought of.)  Needless to say, our house hunt has temporarily been put on hold until we research the various schools in the different neighbourhoods under consideration. 

On Tuesday afternoon, I got a call from Ciaran's daycare saying that he had just thrown up and that he was a bit unresponsive.  When I got to the daycare, it appeared that Ciaran was having a seizure and we called 911.  Ciaran had a series of seizures on his way to the hospital.  He was given anticonvulsant medications which completely knocked him out.  He had to stay overnight and all day today to monitor seizure activity.  Today was a much better day.  Here is a picture of him last night before I left him for the night with Cris.  My poor little man :(

Mission 365 - Day 62

Some of you may have noticed the little red spot on Rowan's lip - actually I am sure a lot of you have noticed as everybody that stops to take a look at our sweet little man asks what is on his lip (I love the straightforwardness of strangers :)  The red spot is actually a hematoma - a little elevated blood blister - which I think came about from Rowan sucking on his lips.  He was not born with this - it just sort of surfaced a couple of weeks after he was born.  It is not harmful - and it will dissipate over time, although we have been told it can take up to two or three years.  One lady I met referred to Rowan's hematoma as an 'angel kiss' which I thought was so cute - so that is what I am going to go with....

Mission 365 - Day 61

Today Ciaran and Shay participated in a fundraising event at TEAD's where they go for therapeutic horse back riding.  It was an absolutely beautiful day and both of the boys had an amazing ride!  They each rode Oliver today for at least a half hour.  It is surprising how much their core strength and muscles are exercised during a ride especially when they ride outside as the ground is more uneven.  In between rides, we enjoyed a barbeque lunch with one of Ciaran and Shay's friends from the daycare, Hayden.  They were absolutely exhausted tonight going to bed.  Shay actually fell asleep in the car on the way home from TEAD's which is absolutely unheard of for Shay. 

Hayden and Shay enjoying some Banana Bread

Mission 365 - Day 60

So the house hunt Riley came over and looked after Ciaran and Shay for a few hours while Cris, Rowan and I went and looked at a few houses in Oakville and Burlington.  We definitely saw a few interesting houses...the hardest part of the search is getting our head around the fact that we will be downsizing considerably with regard to living space...this is definitely an added stress in the whole equation of things.  Who knew that finding a house would be so life of making choices on a whim is sooo over!!!!

The boys enjoyed their time with Riles as did Rowan when he had a chance to catch up with her for a few hours after we got home.  As you can see, Rowan has a connection with Riley too!

Mission 365 - Day 59

In our family, once you introduce something into our routine once - the boys come to expect it regularly.  A few Fridays ago on the way home from school, I decided to treat the boys to an ice cream as it was a beautiful day and I knew that they would enjoy something sweet.  Sure enough, now everytime I pick Ciaran and Shay up on Friday afternoon, they remind me that it is Friday and that 'On Fridays, we get ice cream'.  As you can see, I've succumbed to their wishes - a little ice cream now and then won't hurt anyone :)

Mission 365 - Day 58

Anytime Ciaran or Shay have a procedure done - we take them to Mastermind afterwards and let them choose a train.  Today Ciaran chose Skarloey after his sedated EEG at Trillium.  Ciaran had to have an EEG done to determine whether or not his seizures are still under control.  We will get the results in a few weeks - we are hopeful that his seizures are still being controlled by Trileptal - the medication he takes to treat them.