Mission 365 - Day 49

Our house hunt continues.  This weekend we went to look at a few houses in Burlington as there is a school in Burlington that is well known for the amazing services they provide for children with special needs and we have heard the school is not only really inclusive, but too, the culture of the students is really accepting of the uniqueness of each and every child.   At the moment, schools are a major determining factor in where we are looking.  Anyways, we LOVED the neighbourhood in Burlington - definitely a possibility for us - just need to find a bungalow in that area.

We will be very sad to move from our current home and leave our neighbourhood as we are surrounded by so many quality people and so many children - unfortunately though, bungalows are scarce in the newer neighbourhoods - and we feel that a bungalow will best meet the needs of Ciaran and Shay.  I know in my heart that we are making the right decision - just keep your fingers crossed that the perfect house is out there for us!!!

Speaking of houses - the boys have been playing in their house a lot more now that we have taken it up from the basement.  Instead of using it as a house, Shay was poking his head out the window today pretending it was a drive through - and asking if I would like chicken nuggest and fries with that - yikes - not what a parent wants to hear - I think I better get on top of this one...


J Roc said...

Hi liza, what neighbourhood in Burlington?? We're in Headon Forest!
Keep up the great work:)

BusyLizzyMom said...

Would it be the neighbourhood and school we talked about? I am so excited we could be neighbours.
Functional play is such a milestone, we worked on it for so long before she could initiate it.

Cris and Liza said...

We are looking in the older area of Burlington - between Appleby and Walkers. There are lots more bungalows there - although we are keeping our options open to where we find the most suitable house.

Angela - thanks for the recommendation. I am so in love with area. The lush greenery is to die for!!!