Mission 365 - Day 33

Tummy Time
Had a busy day as per usual today - but a really nice day!  Boys started day with Keiri and Michelle for Physiotherapy.  I stayed home with Rowan where he got his own exercise in by doing tummy time which he is not a huge fan of yet :)

Ciaran then went with his Dad for his last swimming lesson of this session - Shay stayed home as we decided he would forego the last two lessons because of his newly acquired ear tubes.  Ciaran had an amazing time swimming as he was showered with attention from his swim instructors.  Cris took a great video of Ciaran kicking on his Blackberry - will just need to figure out how to transfer the files over...

Rowan - 2 months
While Cris was with Ciaran at swimmming - Mark and Marcy dropped by for a quick visit.  Rowan was seriously crushing on Marcy - Mark better watch out if he knows whats good for him :)

Rowan and Marcy
Shay enjoyed his one on one time with Mark - he is a huge fan...however was not as impressed when he had to share the spotlight with his little brother Rowan as you can see from the picture below... 

Thanks for the visit Mark and Marcy - the boys love when you visit!  Thank you too for Alfie and Isabella - they entertained the boys all day :)

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Jenny said...

Hi Liza. I have been reading your blog for over a month now but have never left a comment. Just wanted to say hello and tell you that I enjoy reading about your boys. I have identical twin boys who both have cerebral palsy. Your boys are delightful and baby Rowan is just the cutest!