Mission 365 - Day 30

It was a busy day in our household today.  Three of my really good friends from Summit Camp came over for a playdate, along with their beautiful children.  Allyson was in for the week from Nova Scotia with her gorgeous son Nate - it was so nice to catch up with her!  We too had our relatively regular visitors over - Kirsty, Nikki and Baby Ella.  The boys love when these girls come over as they are entertained for hours on end...and the ladies usually go home quite tired :)

It was an absolute beautiful day so we took advantage and took the crew out for a walk around the block and to Starbucks for some hot drinks and some banana bread.  It was an amazing day spent with amazing friends!!!

Sweet Baby Ella

Ciaran and Nate

Kirsty and Shay

Daycare anyone?

Gorgeous Nate

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