Mission 365 - Day 5

"On Friday, we usually go to see Caroline, Katherine or Becky for Speech which we LOVE!"  Today, Ciaran had an appointment with his eye surgeon Dr. Budning so we were not able to go to Speech.  Shay went to daycare for 9:00 am with Granda and Ciaran went to his appointment with Mom and Dad.  When we got to the appointment, we found out that we would be seen by one of Dr. Budning's partners today - Dr. Pickering.  She was great at explaining where Ciaran is at with his vision.  Basically, his vision in his right eye is -3.0.  Our goal is to try to strengthen his right eye to prevent it from crossing again and to develop more function in the weaker eye.  Next steps is to have Ciaran start wearing his glasses more consistently and he will be patched for two hours a day to try to strengthen his weaker eye.

Patching used to be so easy when Ciaran was a baby...I am thinking we will be in for quite a battle now.  I will keep you posted :)

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