Mission 365 - Day 26

Shay was at Sick Kids this past Wednesday to have ear tubes put in both of his ears.  For the past three months, Shay has been hearing next to nothing due to having fluid in both of his ears.  It has been very frustrating for him and for us, as we have seen a definite plateau in his development and an actual regression in his expressive language skills over the past few months. 

Since getting the tubes on Wednesday, we have a changed boy - he is hearing 100 times better now and some of the tone in his legs has actually decreased - not sure if this a conicidence or not, but whatever the case - I will take it - yaaaa! We really need to work on his articulation skills now as he has developed some pretty bad habits in the last few months - thank goodness, are are starting an eight week block with our amazing Speech and Language Pathologist Caroline this coming week!

In the meantime, Shay is enjoying a little bit of lounge time with his beloved Tiger as he recovers :)


Anonymous said...

Sounds like it's been a success for Shay. Hopefully things will look up again for him. It was great you were able to get him in so quickly.

J Roc said...

So happy that Shay is recovering well:) Isn't the difference amazing?!?!!

Keep up the great work Liza, Mike and I check your blog everyday - we love it!