Mission 365 - Day 15

Today was definitely a bit of a tear-jerker in the Parreira-Sneyd household.  My amazing Dad made parallel bars for the playroom so that Shay and Ciaran can get some functional walking / standing practice in.  The boys LOVED their new bars!  Shay who struggles more with his legs and who is aware of his struggles was so proud of himself - for a half an hour or so - every few minutes - you could hear Shay yelling from the playroom with pride - "I am STANDING'

He absolutely melted my heart tonight.  Absolutely melted my heart....thank you Dad from the bottom of our hearts for doing anything you can do to help our boys be the best that they can be - we are beyond thankful!.
Soooo proud...THANKS Granda!!!

A picture says a thousand words....

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