Mission 365 - Day 10

We spent the day at Sick Kids today with all three boys having Ciaran and Shay's ears checked for their hearing capacity and to determine if there is fluid in their ears which could be affecting their hearing.  For the past two months or so, it has appeared that Shay is not hearing very well.  He has been a lot more behavioural, has not been listening to Cris or I, and has often spoken to us in gibberish, a baby voice or via  whispers.  We have been quite worried about him as we have seen quite a regression in his speech and language development in the past few months.  We were both very anxious to get some answers today.  

Ciaran's ears looked good and appears to be hearing within the normal range.  As suspected, Shay's ears are surrounded by fluid - and is causing no middle ear function - he did not respond to hearing test, however did respond to bone conduction test which leads the audiologist to believe that the fluid is contributing to a significant hearing loss.  Luckily, they considered Shay's situation serious enough to get us an appointment imminently - he will have tubes put in on Wednesday April 27th which should solve the problem.  The
ENT believes that fluid would have contributed to Shays lack of progression lately, his speech(talking gibberish, whispering,etc), and some of his behavior. We are so relieved and are so looking forward to having our "old" Shay back very soon.

Shay did share a bit of his mischievious side tonight at dinner. 

Cris told him that he would not get strawberries and pineapple until he finished all of his dinner... so, when Cris was not looking, Shay quietly starting stashing his green beans into his glass of milk.

When Cris approached him to see how Shay was doing with his dinner - Shay thought he was caught in the act - so he picked up his glass and started drinking his milk and green bean concoction - I couldn't contain my laughter - how is that for negative reinforcement :) 

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J Roc said...

Hi Liza,
Brody had tubes put in his ears back in January - it has made a HUGE difference, we're very happy that we had the tubes put in:)