Mission 365 - Day 1

Ciaran and Shay have an extremely busy schedule.  Over the past few years, they have become very accustomed to 'their' routines and basically know pretty much what to expect from each day of the week.  The boys attend Sedgewick Daycare now five days a week part-time.  On the way to school each morning, part of our routine includes the boys telling me what day it is and they will then proceed to tell me where we have to go that day.  They are surprisingly accurate with their schedules which is surprising considering I can't keep on top of it myself...without further a due I will hand it over to Ciaran and Shay...

"Today is Monday.  On Mondays, we go horseback riding with Ebony and Oliver."

Shay mounting Oliver right before I spooked him with the flash and he ran away...oooopps :)
Ciaran riding Ebony - what a BIG boy :)

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