Halloween Flashback

Man have they grown.  Here is a pic of Ciaran and Shay's first Halloween.  This was just days before they were released from the hospital.  One of Ciaran and Shay's favourite nurses Colleen dressed the boys up for the special day - so many reminders of how blessed we were....

Happy Halloween!!!!

I love witnessing how Ciaran and Shay change year to year.  This Halloween, the boys, particularly Shay was extremely excited to celebrate Halloween - or I may be more accurate in saying - collecting candy.  The boys went as Pooh Bear and Eeyore and walked independently to our friends homes in the neighbourhood.  Both boys had a great time and loved the fact that they got to eat some Smarties when they got home after all of their hard work!

On Saturday night we carved a pumpkin as a family.  This was a first for us - and a tradition that we hope to keep.  Ciaran loved gutting the pumpkin - he loved the feel of the pumpkin guts on his hands...Shay, not so much!!! He was much more interested in drawing the pumpkin's face on the pumpkin with his crayon.

Here are a few pics of the weekend...

Shay - Described part deux

 We recently had a meeting with the team involved in Shay's care and part of that was a description of Shay.  This comes from the excellent day care workers at Sedgewick Crescent day care in Oakville, Ontario, Canada.

  • The more serious brother for most tasks but can be silly and have a funny sense of humour when the mood takes him
  • Social butterfly; he has his favourite friends to hang out with on the playground; eat lunch with, and sit with at circle and playtime
  • Strong willed and independent in all aspects of the day; pouring milk; feeding; getting self into walker; and starting to dress himself
  • Kind disposition; quiet and sometimes shy; seeks out Mom or favourite staff member at the time for reassurance; he is intelligent with a big bright smile
  • Loves puzzles; sensory water bins and sand bins; dramatic play in the loft including walking himself up the stairs with some assistance from teachers.  Uses his upper body strength to position both feet on each stair
  • Large interest in group circle time; listens attentively to stories, has his favourite songs to request, claps and does actions in the songs; strong participant in group activities
  • Holds full conversations about horseback riding and/or what he did at home the night before and other exciting topics
  • Showing some interest in toilet training; independently pulls self up to sink or any other activity he wants to play at
  • Shows interest in books and quieter activities throughout the day
  • Loves all aspects of the playground, running down the hills, playing in the sandbox, chasing friends through the gazebo and around the bike path

 Here is a very recent picture of our little man.  We are so proud of you Shay!

Ciaran - Described Part deux

We recently had a meeting with the team involved in Ciaran's care and part of that was a description of Ciaran.  This comes from the excellent day care workers at Sedgewick Crescent day care in Oakville, Ontario, Canada.

  • The easy going brother with a sense of humour, he is intelligent, content, persistent, with a big hearty laugh and smile
  • Sings alone or to the music throughout the day; loves to jump, hop and dance to the music; loves to chant parts from his favourite stories. Ex. Brown Bear 
  • Loves all sensory activities; sand, water, play dough
  • Huge participant at games, actions and singing at circle
  • Loves a challenge and to challenge his teachers
  • Social growth expands daily; loves to chase his friends around the playground; very affectionate with staff and peers
  • Independent in most tasks and fights for independence in  those he may still need some help with: beginning to dress self, toileting, feeds self and pours own milk, independently gets through classroom
  • So proud of his own accomplishments – standing, walking, running, building blocks, etc.
  • Uses his helping hand more and more each day while manipulating toys
  • Engages self in fine motor activities throughout the day
  • Engages self in conversations with peers; laughs with them and shows empathy for those who are hurt or upset
  • So strong! Pulls himself up to standing in washroom and throughout classroom to any activity he wants to do during the day
Here is also a very recent picture of our young boy.  When we see the growth, progress, his smile and how much bigger his personality is every day we are truly in awe.  We owe it all to the great people that involved in his care.  Thank you!