Happy Birthday to You...

 Happy Birthday to You....(neigh, neigh.....swish, swish...bubble, bubble)

Happy Birthday to You....(neigh, neigh.....swish, swish...bubble, bubble)

Happy Birthday dear Ciaran and Shay (neigh, neigh.....swish, swish...bubble, bubble)

Happy Birthday to You!!!

Ciaran and Shay's birthday party was a bit quieter than the norm this year...but we still had an amazing time!!  Shay was determined to feed his guests - Galway, Sharkboy, Moonlight and the Killer Whale ice cream cake.  We gave Galway and the Killer Whale a taste but drew the line with Sharkboy and Moonlight - they got an extra fish pellet to ensure they felt part of the celebrations!!!

Killer Whales???

Hi Marc and Trevor,

So good to hear from you!  We wish you could be here to have fun in the pool with us...we are really enjoying our time here!!

Sharkboy and Moonlight are doing amazing!  They are always hungry and they eat their food as soon as we drop it in the fishbowl.  Is Moonlight in the green fishbowl and Sharkboy in the blue???  Our memories are failing us and we want to make sure that we have it right!!!

We had quite an adventure today looking for frogs in the pool...

Luckily we did not find any - because our Mom Dad are scared of frogs...silly Mommy and Daddy!!!

Believe it or not, we did find some crazy things on our adventures....we actually found a Killer Whale!!!!

We are thinking that the Killer Whale must have eaten all of the frogs!!!  We took him out of the pool...hopefully by the end of the week, we will come across a frog or two...we will be sure to keep you posted!

Hope you are having fun in Milton with your Grammy and Grandpa!!!  We miss you and send our love!!!

Ciaran and Shay

Day One - Part Two

Today was such a beautiful day!!! The weather was perfect and the pace of life when you are on vacation is the best. Considering our lack of sleep, we were able to cram quite a bit into our day today...here are a few highlights...

The boys at the Carousel in Greenport - Ciaran was too tired to enjoy it as it was before his afternoon nap - we will go back again...

Ciaran LOVED swimming in Marc and Trevor's pool - he would have stayed in the pool all day if he could...

Shay loved the swimming too...although he also enjoyed being an on-looker...

The boys had a lot of room to get their walking in - they enjoyed going back and forth on the deck taking pit stops for carrots and hummus...or in Ciaran's case hummus and carrots....

Loved this shot of Shay - so him - so thought I would include :)

School's Out for Summer!

Yes...that is right, school is out for summer and there is not better way to start the summer than with a family vacation!  First thing Thursday morning, we were out the door and on the road for a road trip to my friend Jill's house in Long Island, New York. 

The boys were pretty good for the drive, although neither of them napped at all.  That's a long time for a 10-12 hour drive.  I was pretty impressed with both of them.  Shay was a bit whiny towards the end but I am pretty sure it was because he was uncomfortable because his tone was kicking in-  in his legs - the poor little guy can be such a trooper sometimes!

July 1st was our first official day here.  I was sure the boys would have slept in a little considering their early start to yesterday and their lack of naps...

I could not have been more wrong...here are a few photos that show everything we did before 6am yesterday :)

Marc and Trevor's fish were fed

Ciaran and Shay were stretched...and we got a few episodes of Thomas in :)