The Zoo...

Last weekend, Ciaran and Shay had a date with one of their favourite people in the whole wide world - Bev! 

Bev introduced the boys to the beautiful world of animals at the Toronto Zoo. It was an amazing day for all of us - the weather was perfect and the boys loved seeing all of the different animals in real life -

Since our visit - we get a daily account from Shay and Ciaran (who repeats what Shay says :) of the animals they saw at the zoo..

At the zoo, we saw....ducks

At the Zoo, we saw.... elephants

At the Zoo, we saw...tigers

 At the Zoo, we saw....orangutans (otherwise referred to as monkeys :)

At the Zoo, we saw....giraffes

At the Zoo, we saw camels...

Ciaran and Shay absolutely loved the zoo and all of the animals and of course they are totally in love with Bev!  It was a wonderful day!!

Some of Ciaran's Favourite Things...

Ciaran has really evolved into his own little person in the last few months. He is much more vocal, demanding, engaging and relentless. He too is much more likely to stand up to his bossy little brother Shay these days - which I love to see! Ciaran has some similar interests to Shay and then has some quite unique to him. 

Like Shay, one of Ciaran's biggest loves is horseback riding and in particular, Ebony - the horse he rides at TEADS. As soon as we pull into the driveway, Ciaran starts yelling "Hi Gallway" and "Hi Ebony" until he lays eyes on his horse. Their excitement and passion for horseback riding is truly awesome - I love that they are nurturing this beautiful relationship with animals while at the same time getting some amazing therapy in working their core.  It is a WIN-WIN situation all the way around :)

Another one of Ciaran's favourite things is talking on the telephone.  Everyday he asks if he can call his Nana and Granda to say hello.  He actually has quite a few names on his most favourite people to call list and the smiles you see as he talks to these favourite people on the phone would warm anyones heart - he is such a personable and loving little guy :)

Another one of Ciaran's favourite things at the moment is his "baby" which he carries around the house with him and sleeps with at night time.  The unforunate thing about "baby" is that it is very old and worn - it is far from an attractive looking doll.  As a result, I thought I would be a good Mom a few weeks back by going out and buying Ciaran a new baby that came with an adorable little blue sleeper, a soother and a hat. I was sure he was going to love it!  I couldn't have been more wrong - he is not even remotely intersted in the new doll - the only "baby" he has eyes for is of course - the ancient unclothed dirty one - go figure :)

Ciaran also loves being outside - he is constantly asking to go outside when we are at home.  He loves to look out the window and hang off the shutters as he watches what is going on in the world around him.  The whole shutter thing drives me insane - as he refuses to get away from them when I ask - it is almost as if he purposely trying to get me going - him and Shay thinks it is hilarious...oh the beauty of the terrible two's...

I think Ciaran's most favourite thing in the world is his little brother Shay.  The two of them are true soul mates.  They laugh when each other laughs, they cry when each other cries.  They ask for each other first thing in the morning and they are the last person they say goodnight to before they go to bed.  Ciaran loves Shay sooo much that lately he cannot express it enough.  So much so, that he is constantly jumping on top of Shay and smoothering him with hugs - which I think is way too cute although I don't think Shay feels the same :)

The love that Ciaran and Shay have for each other is unquestionable.  They are brothers true and true and I know they will always have each others back...I feel so blessed that they have each very, very     blessed!