Some of Shay's Favourite Things...

Shay is really coming into his own lately.  He has been talking up a storm and no one would guess that he is Ciaran's younger brother as he is quite a bossy-boots with him.  He is constantly telling Ciaran what to do and what not to do...and Ciaran obediently listens :)

I absolutely love the stage that Ciaran and Shay are at - at the moment.  They are becoming a lot more particular about their toys, their clothes, etc.  They are really developing a sense of self which is such a beautiful thing to see :)

Wanted to catch this moment in time so thought I would share a glimpse into the boys' favourite I will focus on Shay.

Shay has become much more independent with what he wears these days.  His absolute favourite colour is RED!  Nearly every morning  he demands that he wears a red shirt, a red sweatshirt and his red vest.  His fashion sense is suffering as a result - nothing that we can't live with however :)

Shay continues to LOVE playing with his trains. Percy is by far his favourite train followed by Thomas.  He loves his trains so much that he decided to have Thomas and Percy on his newest AFO's - will share pics once we get them :)

Probably Shay's most favourite thing in the world right now is Galway - the horse he rides at TEADS.  Every day I pick him up from daycare, he immediately asks if we can go see Galway and Ebony.  I love the connection that he has with Galway - it is such a special one! 
Shay is able to share his love with Galway day and night with his teddy bear Galway.  Galway goes absolutely everywhere with him these days.  He sleeps with Shay, walks around in his walker with him, reads with him and even eats cereal with him in the morning...he is way too cute!

Finally, Shay continues to be a bit of a rish taker and loves going    down his slide head first...

These are a few of Shay's favourite things to do at this point in time...

Ciaran's list to follow...

"Baby Heros"

Hi everyone,

I thought you might all want to check out this beautiful song entitled "Baby Heros". For those of you who visited us in the hospital or who spent time themselves in the NICU with a preemie, this video is really a poignant reminder of the heros we encountered during our NICU journey - in our case - there were so many - Ciaran and Shay, our unbelievable nurses, the dedicated and caring doctors, the sweet fellows, the beautiful respiratory therapists, our amazing follow-up team, the "dairy queens", the friends we made in the NICU that kept us going day to day, our family, our friends, our colleagues...the list really is endless. 

                                                 Ciaran and Shay meet for the first time

A brief background on the video:

Recently I have become better acquainted with the company Draegar who makes incubators for NICU's all around the world. They have been working on a really cool project that is focused on providing educational resources and support to caregivers and parents of premature babies. 

I personally love the fact that Draegar is taking such a human look at the vunerable population they serve...

Along with the valuable resources, Draegar has created this absolutely beautiful song/video entitled “Baby Hero” that a lot of us can relate is very moving and the words are absolutely beautiful...

,,,,an added bonus is that our very own Mr. Ciaran Parreira makes his debut appearance in music videos right at the end  - perhaps a career possibility in the future :)

Here is the site's description of the song

"Baby Hero was created to give a voice to everyone involved in the care of premature babies. We want all caregivers and babies around the world to know that they have a family. This song is dedicated to the doctors and nurses that work daily to ensure the best care for their fragile patients; to the parents who work relentlessly with great determination and hope to give their babies the love they so need; and to the babies themselves that continue to fight for a better day."

If you have five minutes, I hope you can take a look - I know you will enjoy it -


Easter Weekend

Easter Weekend did not go exactly as planned as Ciaran and Shay picked up a stomach bug which basically had them out of commission for the majority of the weekend.

It started Thursday afternoon - Janet from the daycare called mid-afternoon to tell me that Ciaran was not well.  He had thrown up at the daycare and had the runs.  He had just started a new medication Thursday morning for an infection - and vomitting and loose stools were two of the side effects.  I assumed that Ciaran's symptoms were stemming from the meds - so I brought him back to the Doctor Thursday evening to change his meds to Amoxicillian as I knew he would tolerate it better as he always has done so in the past.

Friday - both boys seemed fine - so we headed out to Rory and Tasha's for our annual Good Friday Fish and Chips dinner. Food was delicious and the weather was beautiful so we all enjoyed some outdoor time with the family. 

As you can see from the pics, Lyla is growing up fast and is learning to hold her own with the boys :)  Just love Shay's expression in the pic above and below :)

We took out the boys' bikes and walkers and spent a lot of time hanging out outside.  It was so nice watching the 'boys be boys' as Ciaran, Shay and Kellan played together so nicely on the street.  Kellan with his bike and Ciaran and Shay with their walkers.

I love how "normal" it was.  Kellan had no questions regarding Ciaran and Shay's walkers - I think in his mind - this is just the way it is.  We are so lucky that Ciaran and Shay have so many cousins so close in age.  Ciaran and Shay absolutely adore their cousins and their cousins adore them.

It was a fantastic start to our long weekend!  From there however, things went downhill!!!  On Saturday morning, we had an egg hunt organized on the street which was awesome!  Ciaran and Shay took part - but right after we finished - the fun times began.  Basically all day Saturday, Sunday and Monday - the boys had a hard time keeping anything down - we were in disinfecting mode all is Monday night - and they ate chicken soup for dinner - I am hopeful that the worse of it is behind us :)  Hope everyone had a wonderful Easter weekend - we were so blessed with the weather!!!

Shay's New Ride

It looks like Shay might have a new ride...and it is RED HOT!!

In the past few months, we have been trialing a number of different walkers for Shay.  Our goal is that Shay will use his walker as his main mode of mobility (rather than crawling and an attempt to stop "W" sitting) by the time he is three which is not far in the distant future. 

When we started looking for a replacement for Shay's Kaye walker - we were looking for very specific things that would help us help Shay to reach our mobility goal. 

First, we were hoping for something a bit sturdier than his current walker.  We were also hoping to find something with bigger wheels so Shay can better navigate his way independently outside on the grass, sand, etc.  Finally, we were hoping to find something that would keep Shay "trapped" inside the walker so that we could force him to use it more functionally at home and at the daycare.

The first walker we trialed was the Crocodile with the sling seat - we really liked it and were planning on going with it until one of Shay's PT's suggested that we give the "Flux" walker a try as she felt it would be a good choice for Shay.  We thought we would give it a try even though we were basically sold on the Crocodile.  Thank goodness we did give it a try. We LOVE the "Flux" - Shay is walking so well with it - he is tall, strong and walking independently on various surfaces - he looks fantastic!!!  It helps too that the "Flux" is red which is Shay's absolute favourite colour in the world!  I love that this walker has some colour - just makes it a bit more fun and kid friendly - believe it or not - this is something that is important to us!  The best thing about the FLUX is that Shay loves it so much that he is actually refusing to get out of it sometimes - really - we couldn't ask for more :) 

Cris is working on a video of Shay's progression with his walker since Botox - hopefully he will get it up sooner than later - right Cris :)