Shay - Described part deux

 We recently had a meeting with the team involved in Shay's care and part of that was a description of Shay.  This comes from the excellent day care workers at Sedgewick Crescent day care in Oakville, Ontario, Canada.

  • The more serious brother for most tasks but can be silly and have a funny sense of humour when the mood takes him
  • Social butterfly; he has his favourite friends to hang out with on the playground; eat lunch with, and sit with at circle and playtime
  • Strong willed and independent in all aspects of the day; pouring milk; feeding; getting self into walker; and starting to dress himself
  • Kind disposition; quiet and sometimes shy; seeks out Mom or favourite staff member at the time for reassurance; he is intelligent with a big bright smile
  • Loves puzzles; sensory water bins and sand bins; dramatic play in the loft including walking himself up the stairs with some assistance from teachers.  Uses his upper body strength to position both feet on each stair
  • Large interest in group circle time; listens attentively to stories, has his favourite songs to request, claps and does actions in the songs; strong participant in group activities
  • Holds full conversations about horseback riding and/or what he did at home the night before and other exciting topics
  • Showing some interest in toilet training; independently pulls self up to sink or any other activity he wants to play at
  • Shows interest in books and quieter activities throughout the day
  • Loves all aspects of the playground, running down the hills, playing in the sandbox, chasing friends through the gazebo and around the bike path

 Here is a very recent picture of our little man.  We are so proud of you Shay!


Anonymous said...

WAYYYYYYYY too cute!!! So proud of you guys!!!
Love ya,
Marc and Trev

Natalee said...

Hi that's awesome, and I was smiling when I was reading. What great news with how the boys are doing. I miss you two boys.

Love always.