The Zoo...

Last weekend, Ciaran and Shay had a date with one of their favourite people in the whole wide world - Bev! 

Bev introduced the boys to the beautiful world of animals at the Toronto Zoo. It was an amazing day for all of us - the weather was perfect and the boys loved seeing all of the different animals in real life -

Since our visit - we get a daily account from Shay and Ciaran (who repeats what Shay says :) of the animals they saw at the zoo..

At the zoo, we saw....ducks

At the Zoo, we saw.... elephants

At the Zoo, we saw...tigers

 At the Zoo, we saw....orangutans (otherwise referred to as monkeys :)

At the Zoo, we saw....giraffes

At the Zoo, we saw camels...

Ciaran and Shay absolutely loved the zoo and all of the animals and of course they are totally in love with Bev!  It was a wonderful day!!

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