Shay's New Ride

It looks like Shay might have a new ride...and it is RED HOT!!

In the past few months, we have been trialing a number of different walkers for Shay.  Our goal is that Shay will use his walker as his main mode of mobility (rather than crawling and an attempt to stop "W" sitting) by the time he is three which is not far in the distant future. 

When we started looking for a replacement for Shay's Kaye walker - we were looking for very specific things that would help us help Shay to reach our mobility goal. 

First, we were hoping for something a bit sturdier than his current walker.  We were also hoping to find something with bigger wheels so Shay can better navigate his way independently outside on the grass, sand, etc.  Finally, we were hoping to find something that would keep Shay "trapped" inside the walker so that we could force him to use it more functionally at home and at the daycare.

The first walker we trialed was the Crocodile with the sling seat - we really liked it and were planning on going with it until one of Shay's PT's suggested that we give the "Flux" walker a try as she felt it would be a good choice for Shay.  We thought we would give it a try even though we were basically sold on the Crocodile.  Thank goodness we did give it a try. We LOVE the "Flux" - Shay is walking so well with it - he is tall, strong and walking independently on various surfaces - he looks fantastic!!!  It helps too that the "Flux" is red which is Shay's absolute favourite colour in the world!  I love that this walker has some colour - just makes it a bit more fun and kid friendly - believe it or not - this is something that is important to us!  The best thing about the FLUX is that Shay loves it so much that he is actually refusing to get out of it sometimes - really - we couldn't ask for more :) 

Cris is working on a video of Shay's progression with his walker since Botox - hopefully he will get it up sooner than later - right Cris :)

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