Easter Weekend

Easter Weekend did not go exactly as planned as Ciaran and Shay picked up a stomach bug which basically had them out of commission for the majority of the weekend.

It started Thursday afternoon - Janet from the daycare called mid-afternoon to tell me that Ciaran was not well.  He had thrown up at the daycare and had the runs.  He had just started a new medication Thursday morning for an infection - and vomitting and loose stools were two of the side effects.  I assumed that Ciaran's symptoms were stemming from the meds - so I brought him back to the Doctor Thursday evening to change his meds to Amoxicillian as I knew he would tolerate it better as he always has done so in the past.

Friday - both boys seemed fine - so we headed out to Rory and Tasha's for our annual Good Friday Fish and Chips dinner. Food was delicious and the weather was beautiful so we all enjoyed some outdoor time with the family. 

As you can see from the pics, Lyla is growing up fast and is learning to hold her own with the boys :)  Just love Shay's expression in the pic above and below :)

We took out the boys' bikes and walkers and spent a lot of time hanging out outside.  It was so nice watching the 'boys be boys' as Ciaran, Shay and Kellan played together so nicely on the street.  Kellan with his bike and Ciaran and Shay with their walkers.

I love how "normal" it was.  Kellan had no questions regarding Ciaran and Shay's walkers - I think in his mind - this is just the way it is.  We are so lucky that Ciaran and Shay have so many cousins so close in age.  Ciaran and Shay absolutely adore their cousins and their cousins adore them.

It was a fantastic start to our long weekend!  From there however, things went downhill!!!  On Saturday morning, we had an egg hunt organized on the street which was awesome!  Ciaran and Shay took part - but right after we finished - the fun times began.  Basically all day Saturday, Sunday and Monday - the boys had a hard time keeping anything down - we were in disinfecting mode all weekend....it is Monday night - and they ate chicken soup for dinner - I am hopeful that the worse of it is behind us :)  Hope everyone had a wonderful Easter weekend - we were so blessed with the weather!!!

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ciara said...

Hey Liza & Chris. Your cousin Ciara from Ireland here. I hadn't looked at the blog in a while and I'm in awe of you both. The boys are thriving and such an inspiration. Sorry to hear the boys were unwell over the Easter, hopefully they're both feeling better. Give them both a big kiss from us all. Cxx