"Baby Heros"

Hi everyone,

I thought you might all want to check out this beautiful song entitled "Baby Heros". For those of you who visited us in the hospital or who spent time themselves in the NICU with a preemie, this video is really a poignant reminder of the heros we encountered during our NICU journey - in our case - there were so many - Ciaran and Shay, our unbelievable nurses, the dedicated and caring doctors, the sweet fellows, the beautiful respiratory therapists, our amazing follow-up team, the "dairy queens", the friends we made in the NICU that kept us going day to day, our family, our friends, our colleagues...the list really is endless. 

                                                 Ciaran and Shay meet for the first time

A brief background on the video:

Recently I have become better acquainted with the company Draegar who makes incubators for NICU's all around the world. They have been working on a really cool project that is focused on providing educational resources and support to caregivers and parents of premature babies. 

I personally love the fact that Draegar is taking such a human look at the vunerable population they serve...

Along with the valuable resources, Draegar has created this absolutely beautiful song/video entitled “Baby Hero” that a lot of us can relate to...it is very moving and the words are absolutely beautiful...

,,,,an added bonus is that our very own Mr. Ciaran Parreira makes his debut appearance in music videos right at the end  - perhaps a career possibility in the future :)

Here is the site's description of the song

"Baby Hero was created to give a voice to everyone involved in the care of premature babies. We want all caregivers and babies around the world to know that they have a family. This song is dedicated to the doctors and nurses that work daily to ensure the best care for their fragile patients; to the parents who work relentlessly with great determination and hope to give their babies the love they so need; and to the babies themselves that continue to fight for a better day."

If you have five minutes, I hope you can take a look - I know you will enjoy it -




LeeAnn Hall said...

He was great in the video! I just love that picture of them holding hands. It could win awards for sweetness!!

Katrina, Nigel, Sam and Llinos said...

Liza and Cris, we really enjoyed the video and all of us cheered in delight when we saw Ciaran at the end, wonderful, thank you for sharing, xoxoox