"His eyes look perfect"

We went to see Dr. Budning (Ciaran's eye surgeon) on Thursday morning and he thought Ciaran's eyes "looked perfect"! I couldn't believe he actually said this out loud as he is usually a man of very few words.

Ciaran's surgery last March was a sure hit - his eyes continue to be more alligned and moving so nicely together. He also shared that Ciaran is even less near sighted than he was only three months ago...way to go Ciaran!

It is crazy to think how different things were a year ago this time - since Ciaran had his strabismus surgery and we figured out that he was having seizures in October and since has been medicated - he is a completely different boy. It is hard to describe what exactly has changed - he is just so much more alert these days - so much more clear -I believe his world looks completely different now through his eyes - and he is loving it :)

Despite the tremendous improvements, we still see our vision consultant Michelle twice a month from the Blind Low Vision Program. Even though Ciaran can see significantly more than he could when she first got involved when he was less than six months old - he is still considered visually impaired as the vision loss that he does have as a result of his hypoplasia cannot be corrected. That being said, I really question how much his vision is affected as functionally he is doing sooo well. I never thought he would be where he is today with his vision - we have so much to be thankful for!

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Way to go boys!!