Ciaran and Shay: Described!

Hi all,

Last week we got together with all of the people involved in Ciaran and Shay's care. This group included all areas where Ciaran and Shay receive services + the staff of the daycare that Ciaran and Shay go to three days a week. Today's post is not about that meeting specifically as that will be a future post but I did want to publish how Janet and Natalee described Ciaran and Shay during the meeting. They provided a handout for everyone and the review of the list brought laughter and lots of nodding in agreement....Anyway, without further delay - Ciaran and Shay: Described!


  • Happy

  • Funny

  • Determined

  • Smart

  • Loves to smile and laugh

  • Very Social - he knows all his friends names

  • Will play with PLAY DOUGH for hours

  • Enjoys sensory play

  • Enjoys dramatic play (especially taking care of the babies)

  • Ciaran is walking around the classroom on his own and will hold onto the furniture for support

  • Ciaran loves playing in the Sandbox - he enjoys scooping and pouring

  • Ciaran has fun riding the bike, jumping on the trampoline and playing on the climber and slide while outside

  • Ciaran likes to sit with his friends and do puzzles and other fun fine motor activities

  • Ciaran loves to sing J

  • Ciaran is able to pull himself to stand on his own if there is something for him to hold on to


    • Happy

    • Gentle

    • Charming

    • Smart

    • Always laughing and smiling

    • Loves to play with trains, cars and other forms of transportation

    • Enjoys puzzles and table toys like beading

    • Spends a lot of time at creative activities

    • Likes to stack blocks

    • Loves singing and using musical instruments

    • Knows his colours really well

    • Very social – he knows all his friends names

    • Enjoys being outside. He likes to ride the big car, go up and down the slide and play inside the playhouse where he will open and shut the windows

    • Uses a lot of spontaneous language

    • Enjoys sensory activities and playing in the sandbox

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