Signs of Success - Therapeutic Horseback Riding

Tonight we finished our second round of therapeutic horseback riding at TEAD's in Hamilton. The experience has been such a positive one for Ciaran and Shay in so many ways.

Shay and Galway

First off, we have seen an incredible difference in Ciaran and Shay's core strength since starting horseback riding back in September. We have also seen significant reductions in the tone in Shay's legs the days following a riding session. This was my original intention in accessing this form of 'therapy' for Ciaran and Shay - little did I know at that point in time - how much more this opportunity would be for them.

Ciaran and Shay have developed an unbelievable relationship with 'their' beloved horses Ebony and Galway. They absolutely adore them. Every day I pick them up from daycare, the first thing that Shay asks for is Galway. When we pull into the parking lot every Monday - both boys get so excited. My friend Marie put it so perfectly one night in a conversation when she said 'the one thing you can not ever deny is the true connection between an animal and a child'. I am so thankful for the relationship that Ciaran and Shay have established with these two beautiful and gentle animals.

Beautiful and Gentle Galway

Another huge bonus to the therapeutic horseback riding is the confidence that Ciaran and Shay have gained through this experience. The first couple of weeks were a struggle especially for Shay as he sometimes fears the unknown - after sweating it out for three weeks - Shay put his fear behind him and embraced the moment. Both boys sit up on their horses now so straight and strong - they are so natural riding them now - I am so proud of them!

Shay and Galway playing ball

I am so thankful that I was introduced to TEAD's and that Ciaran and Shay have had the opportunity to ride there - every week I walk away with a warm and full heart as I witness the beauty of Ciaran and Shay's relationship with Ebony and Galway, and the kindness, dedication and sincerity of each and every one of the volunteers who give of their time and energy so freely to ensure Ciaran and Shay have such an opportunity. The world is good :)

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