Ciaran - Vision Update (Before & After)

We went to see Dr. Wiggins today. He is an Optomologist at the University of Waterloo. He has a wealth of experience and knowledge. He focusses more on functional vision and has provided us with a lot of really good feedback regarding Ciaran's vision potential.

Our appointment went great today. The last time we saw Dr. Wiggins was last year before Ciaran had his strabismus surgery. He saw significant changes in Ciaran's vision since last year. Ciaran can track within an 80 degree cone which is excellent - the average child his age tracks in a 90-100 degree cone. For visual acuity, he had a 50% response in the 20/20 range which is an improvement from last year when he was seeing at a 20/40 range.

He was extremely impressed with how aligned Ciaran's eyes were. He felt that his right eye was a little off when he was not focussed on a task. Today - he has a fever - I am thinking that might have effected some of the results yesterday. He also predicts that the latency we see in Ciaran's responses sometimes will go away over time which we have already witnessed.

Thought I would share a few of the before of after pictures - it is such a powerful reminder of how far Ciaran has come in one year - we are so blessed!

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