Thought I would share a few pics of Ciaran and Shay's first therapeutic horseback riding lessons - hippotherapy.

I was told that we would have to see how they responded to the horse to know when they would actually get to ride last night - sometimes it takes a few sessions.

Well as per usual - Ciaran and Shay showed no fear and were ready to get going right from the get go. Shay was paired with Connor and Ciaran with Galway immediately and they spent the entire 1/2 hour riding. Just watching one session - it was ever so clear how this type of therapy will develop strength in their core and break down some of that nasty tone particularly in Shay's little legs...

The facilities and the staff at T.E.A.D's in Hamilton are simply amazing!!! We had 7 volunteers working with our boys - how thankful are we for their time and commitment!

Whenever Galway stopped walking - Ciaran would bounce up and down to try to get him going again - it was too cute :) He learned quickly that the only way that Galway would resume was if he told him to "Walk On" - and so Ciaran told Galway to "walk on" many times as he continued to bounce up and down on him...

As you can see in this pic - Ciaran held on to the saddle the entire time with both hands - that was very cool!!

All in all - we are extremely impressed and very excited about this opportunity. Not only is it therapeutic - but it could be potentially be one of their recreational activities that Ciaran and Shay can enjoy and thrive in, in the future - which is a huge consideration for us! So glad that Cris had the opportunity to come to their first session - he too was extremely impressed and excited! We have a bit of video footage to come!!
We are hopeful and look forward to reaping the benefits of the newest form of therapy in Ciaran and Shay's regimen! Just thought I would share...

Fall Pics

Shay's new ride - he LOVES it!!!

Love this pic - Shay, Riley and Ciaran at the Donkey Sanctuary

Riley and Shay

Curious Shay -

Ciaran and his pal

The fab three

"Noooooo Ciaran....Nooooo!"

The Blacks and the Parreiras

Danny and the Fam

Ciaran and Paco

Ciaran and Dad

A serious moment with Ciaran

Taking his new ride for a spin (backwards :)

Ciaran having a turn

Shay on his bike

Ciaran on his bike

Bliss - the boys with Bev

Summer Pics

Peek a Boo

Intense :)


Happy Birthday Kellan

Cutie Pie Eamonn

Introspective Kellan

July Babes

Gorgeous Estelle

Lovers of Life :)

Sweet sweet Ciaran

Lover of Life!!!!

Happy boy

Catching flies...

I could eat him for dinner :)

True buddies - Conor is an amazing cousin!!!

Brotherly Love


Making a splash...

Sweet little man

Walking well!

New infactuation - HATS :)

Loving the water table

"oh, hey!"

orla clare

Ciaran and mum

Look at that amazing standing - you go Shay!!!

WHAT???? Ciaran being a trouble maker???


Here is the last month in pictures...working on a lengthy post as lots of positives going on - on the homefront...hope to get out sooner than later!!