April 2009 update

Hi folks,

It has been about a month now since our last post... sorry about that, it was another busy month that was primarily dominated by Ciaran and Shay being sick. There has been progress as usual :) but not many video shoots.

Lets begin with a short video we took on April 7th of Liza playing with the boys and bubbles at the kitchen table. They have the best laughs!

On to the real update...

Shay is still doing very, very well with his walker. There are so many things to work on and for him to learn but he is so smart and determined to do it. It is truly incredible. As he has continued to master getting up from a sit into the walker and then walking (which he does with ease now) we are starting to challenge him further and teach him how to make this thing more functional for him. This is what it is always about, function.
One of the next stages is to have Shay get up to the walker, climb up into it, turn around and start walking. This requires a tremendous amount of "motor planning" for him to accomplish it. So we started working on it about a week and a half ago by placing Shay into the walker "backwards" and then seeing if he could figure out how to turn himself around so he would be able to walk. I can only say it is not perfect right now and he is still struggling with it. However, I can say that he understands what to do and he is getting pretty close to accomplishing it. You can see in the video from April 22nd that he is requiring fairly minimal support to get this done. Once we get this he will theoretically be able to go off on his own, get into the walker and walk around ... how exciting is that kind of mobility!


We went to see our physio and we have to report that she is thrilled with his progress. So much so that we will be getting an upgrade to Shay's walker in the form of two swivel wheels. He is so ready for those... we see him now walking around the house trying to turn but not being able to. This is when the real fun begins!

Ciaran is also doing fantastic and I'm going to make a point to have a video of Ciaran doing some of his standing / walking tricks for the next update. The main thing to note for Ciaran is that he is progressing in leaps and bounds. As we are trying to get both boys up and walking around we are currently focuses on getting Ciaran standing independently. He has gotten so strong in a short amount of time that we have even had him standing and only supporting himself with his left hand. All of the hard work on his core and leg muscles is starting to pay off!

In addition, we feel that his vision is still improving and that Ciaran now sees the world in a whole different way. We can't keep him still. He is always trying to escape during a diaper change and he never wants to just sit there anymore... its unbelievable. We are also seeing that his vision, along with improved core strength is giving him more options for play that he didn't have before. Not to mention the fact that he loves to follow his brother around the house especially if Shay is playing with a book! And don't get me wrong, Shay loves to have Ciaran hanging around. You can see him stop, turn around and then wait for Ciaran to catch up if he has fallen behind a bit. It is so adorable!

At the end of the day, we both feel inspired by our two little men. We are blessed to have them.