Summer Pics

Peek a Boo

Intense :)


Happy Birthday Kellan

Cutie Pie Eamonn

Introspective Kellan

July Babes

Gorgeous Estelle

Lovers of Life :)

Sweet sweet Ciaran

Lover of Life!!!!

Happy boy

Catching flies...

I could eat him for dinner :)

True buddies - Conor is an amazing cousin!!!

Brotherly Love


Making a splash...

Sweet little man

Walking well!

New infactuation - HATS :)

Loving the water table

"oh, hey!"

orla clare

Ciaran and mum

Look at that amazing standing - you go Shay!!!

WHAT???? Ciaran being a trouble maker???


Here is the last month in pictures...working on a lengthy post as lots of positives going on - on the homefront...hope to get out sooner than later!!


Riley said...

Ciaran and Shay look so happy in every photo! They so love swimming!!

Anonymous said...

You have the most amazing boys!! The Christmas photos are ADORABLE and I love your comments Liza! : ) I pray God's blessings on you all! Amy G. - Trapeze