Wordless Wednesday

Orla and Shay slidin

Orla and Ciaran

The two hams (Conor n Shay)

Conor looking oh so old

Ciara spreading some love

Ciara getting in some alone time

Ciara n Shay

Too cute

I have been following a few blogs lately of families that have children with special needs. A number of the families post a 'wordless wednesday' which involves only pictures - what an ingenious idea :) Thought I would follow suite and share some pics of Ciaran, Shay, Conor, Orla and Ciara at the park today. The Romano kids are Ciaran and Shay's oldest cousins - all three of them are always so caring and loving towards the boys and are constantly looking out for their best interests - Ciaran and Shay are sooo lucky!!


Anonymous said...

These are great shots! Everyone is getting so big!! Everybody.
-Riley <3

Katrina owen said...

Just seen the pics Liza and Cris- we love them!!!!

Katrina and Sam oxoxox