Update + Pics

Hi all,

Cris here in a rare post these days...Things have been going well lately - so far I'm tolerating the radiation therapy well and I'm looking forward to the end in a couple of weeks. It's been a long, long road...

Ciaran had his eye surgery last week Friday and in typical Ciaran style, he tolerated it very well and was back to his usual self by Saturday morning minus the odd grumpy moments :) His eyes are quite red at the moment - and will be for some time. However, they too are much straighter....we are looking forward to seeing some fast tracking in terms of development! Shay is still making strides in his walker and we are working hard with him to get him up and going... he has taken a few steps in it on his own but he still has a long way to go. We'll just keep working on it! We are also trying to get a video up of him walking and once we have that we will upload it for everyone.

Things are looking up! He are a few recent pics of the boys!

Shay loving his chocolate pudding!

Shay realizing he is wasting some of his delicious snack :)

Ciaran - not quite as messy as his brother


Shay sitting in his new AFO's - that sit takes a lot of work!!!

Can you say mischievious???

Shay's new favourite game ' 'Peek a Shay'


Sporting his new AFO's...

Goooooo Shay!!!!! (video to come :)

Not sooo innocent...



Look at Ciaran Stand!!! Go Ciaran!

Ciaran after his surgery (eye really red - but straighter)
Please ignore Christmas bib - we are soo not with the times these days :)


Brothers 2


Geraldine Sneyd said...

Hi, Thanks for posting the pictures. The boys look amazing !

Anonymous said...

GOrgeous! WOW!