First Video of Shay walking with his walker

Hi folks,

Cris again...We have been video "taping" the boys for a while now and this is our first video post. About three weeks ago we got a "Kaye" walker for Shay. This walker is quite different than the one we have for Ciaran as it provides much less support than Ciaran's does. What we are sharing below is the three week progression of Shay using the walker in a four min video. The video is a compilation of six clips taken from the 20+ videos we have recorded since we started Shay on the path to walking.

We are so proud of him, his tremendous determination and desire. We will continue to share his progress (and Ciaran's too) as he continues to gain strength and control of his legs. There is a lot of hard work behind this video and we can only thank everyone who has supported us throughout this journey. We are soooo looking forward to the day that we can hopefully put the "Kaye" walker in the donation pile at Sunnybrook hospital - special delivery to ML - one of the main driving forces beind 'Operation - Shay walking by 2' :)



Anonymous said...

WooHoo Shay! WAY TO GO!!!!

Ivana said...

I am so thrilled for all of you but most of all for Shay. In all of his clips he works so hard and never complains until he gets it. I am sure he will be running. Your children have amazing resilience and a wealth of determination. Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful news.

Heather and Doyle said...

YAY Shay...can't wait to see you walk in person - but for now this video is amazing. Go get em'!

Kelley said...

WOW! We have not met. I am Heather Brown's step-sister, but I have heard oodles about your adorable and impressive boys for nearly two years. This video which Heather sent to me today had me in tears. I am amazed at the fighting spirit, determination and love that Shay shows in this video. Kudos to you both for the hard work, love and effort that goes in from you. We have a son Kieran as well (spelled differently). Huge congrats to all of you. I hope the bumpiest part of the road has past. Best. Kelley Bosley Fitzpatrick

Sue Griffin said...

too awesome. Congrats Shay!

Anonymous said...

What an amazing, amazing accomplishment for your ENTIRE FAMILY. These little boys are beautiful and they are teaching those around them the true meaning of how one should live - with determination and with the WILL to do ANYTHING even at such a young, young age - barely two and showing all of us the meaning of being all that you can be - no matter what.
You have a wonderful family - God Bless all of you - thanks so much for sharing and for allowing us to celebrate with you all the wonders of Shay and Ciaran
Friends of Camilla and Fab -
The Cammalleri Family

Anonymous said...

a child with determination.... this is the child I see when I watch this video
Congratulations Shay. As I watch with tears streaming down my face, I look forward to seeing many more of these fabulous milestones from both of the boys. The four of you never cease to amaze.
lots of love,
Lianne Summers xo

Anonymous said...

Awesome Shay you rock!
This is fantastic !
All in three weeks, what a little fighter.Congrats guys.Can't wait to see him playing soccer soon.

Riley said...

Harray for Shay!! I am so happy Shay is such a fighter and trys so hard! He sure surprised me, but I'm super glad he did!
Looks like 'Operation-Shay walking by two' is a go!
Riley <3

Amy - Trapeze said...

What an incredibly strong and determined young man! Sounds alot like the wonderful parents raising him! I continue to pray for your family and celebrate the accomplishments and victories that you all continue to demonstrate in front of all of us that have the privilege to watch. Thank you for sharing your journey! Amy

Anonymous said...

Wow-he has come such a long way! Allyson