Amazing Spirits...

Dear Ciaran and Shay,

Today, I just want to say thank you to you both. When I think of how truly far you have both come in the past two years - I realize and recognize how thankful I am for your truly amazing human spirits. I hope and pray that you both will always maintain your joyful excitement for life, your sheer determined attitudes, your desire to never give up, and your true raw brotherly connection which I am always in awe of.

Ciaran - everyday I thank God that you are in my life - I thank Him for sharing such a beautiful gift with our family - I feel so blessed that we were chosen to be your parents. The joy and excitement that you bring to my life is immeasureable.

In two short years, you have taught me some of the most valuable life lessons. You've taught me to never settle for the expected - as you continuously prove professionals wrong by living life according to your own rules.

You've taught me the true importance of the little things in life. I feel an immense amount of pride everytime you accomplish something new - no matter how small the accomplishment may be in some peoples eyes - know that in our eyes it is huge. One of my favourite things about you is how excited and proud you are when you've accomplished a new task - your squeals and your applauses for yourself are so real and sweet. What I admire most about you my sweet, sweet Ciaran - is your beautiful little soul...despite all of the obstacles that you have had to face in your life - you are the happiest little boy in the world! You are my inspiration and I am so proud of you!!!

Shay - I admire you for such different reasons than I admire your brother. I am in constant awe of your strong will, relentlessness and fiesty personality.

You are the most determined little boy that I have ever met. I love the twinkle I see in your eyes when you see a challenge ahead of are so bound and determined - nothing will ever stop you from getting what you want - no obstacle will be too big for you. I am very confident that you will overcome anything that life hands you.

I am so thankful that God gave you the exact personality that you will need to be successful in life. You are loving, passionate, determined, hilarious and caring. Even though you are tiring at times :) - I LOVE that you NEVER take NO as an answer as ultimately I know this is the greatest gift/quality that you can bring with you into your future. I hope and pray that you continue to embrace your amazingly strong spirit - you amaze me every day with your strength, determination and your ability to overcome your obstacles in such a real way...when I grow up...I want to be just like you!

Ciaran and Shay - I feel so blessed that I was chosen to be your mother. I have already learned more about faith, hope, human spirit, determination, confidence and love from the two of you than I ever imagined I would in a lifetime. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Mom xoxo

Christmas Pictures

Brothers through and through


Innocence - ya right :)


Too sweet for words


Sweet sweet Ciaran

Some things will never change...

Soooo much to catch up on!!! Cris is away - will be on my to do list to write a post this weekend :)

I know it has been a long time since my last post - but c'mon it hasn't been that long :)

Ciaran and Shay are getting bigger and bigger - but they are not quite as big as these two strapping young lads :)

This is in fact, a picture of two of Ciaran and Shay's really good friends - Marc and Trevor - whom you guessed are twins too - just a little older!

Marc and Trevor live in Long Island, NY - we stayed at their house this summer for our family vacation and got to look after their two gold fish. Ciaran and Shay are looking forwarding to spending some time with the boys over the Christmas holidays - so not long to go now :)

Sooo sooo much to catch up on as on boys to come...just thought I would share this adorable pic!!!

Ciaran and Shay's first "TV" commercial

As you all know Conor has always taken a sincere interest in the boys. Recently for one of his school projects Conor had to create a commercial for his invention. Take a look as we know you'll be impressed. We feel so blessed that all of our nieces and nephews have taken such a keen interest in our boys. They continuously remind us that love has no boundaries and that we are all in this together. Enjoy!


Beautiful Fall Weather

Sweet Pea

Shay - Exploring his World...


Thought I would share a few pics of Ciaran and Shay's first therapeutic horseback riding lessons - hippotherapy.

I was told that we would have to see how they responded to the horse to know when they would actually get to ride last night - sometimes it takes a few sessions.

Well as per usual - Ciaran and Shay showed no fear and were ready to get going right from the get go. Shay was paired with Connor and Ciaran with Galway immediately and they spent the entire 1/2 hour riding. Just watching one session - it was ever so clear how this type of therapy will develop strength in their core and break down some of that nasty tone particularly in Shay's little legs...

The facilities and the staff at T.E.A.D's in Hamilton are simply amazing!!! We had 7 volunteers working with our boys - how thankful are we for their time and commitment!

Whenever Galway stopped walking - Ciaran would bounce up and down to try to get him going again - it was too cute :) He learned quickly that the only way that Galway would resume was if he told him to "Walk On" - and so Ciaran told Galway to "walk on" many times as he continued to bounce up and down on him...

As you can see in this pic - Ciaran held on to the saddle the entire time with both hands - that was very cool!!

All in all - we are extremely impressed and very excited about this opportunity. Not only is it therapeutic - but it could be potentially be one of their recreational activities that Ciaran and Shay can enjoy and thrive in, in the future - which is a huge consideration for us! So glad that Cris had the opportunity to come to their first session - he too was extremely impressed and excited! We have a bit of video footage to come!!
We are hopeful and look forward to reaping the benefits of the newest form of therapy in Ciaran and Shay's regimen! Just thought I would share...