Ciaran hangin on his butterfly

Ciaran smiling ????

Ciaran sitting in his Bumboo

Shay catching some zzzzzzzzz's

Shay not sure if he wants to go for a walk :)

Hmmmm...what is so interesting?

The bros just hangin'

Getting ready to go for a walk

Can you say chubby cheeks?

Shay ready for a road trip

Shay with Teddy

Inquisitive Ciaran


Ciaran and Shay

Catching more zzzzzzzzzzz's

Still waiting for some service

Update and Pics - February 9

Hello all,

Just thought we would provide a quick update and post some recent pictures of Ciaran and Shay. Both boys are doing well. There are currently 7 months old (4 months corrected). We go by their corrected age when we are looking at developmental milestones, etc. I cannot believe how fast time is going by – I absolutely love being a full time mom – and hence dread the idea of having to go back to work and leave my two little miracles at home – we will save that dread for later J

We have been extremely busy the last few months with follow up appointments and early intervention appointments. The past few weeks, we have had 3-4 appointments per week, many of them being in Toronto which has kept us on our toes. Ciaran continues to see Allison (his OT) once a week in our home. She is working on muscle development and control – he has made a lot of progress with her. We also travel to Women’s College once a week to get an extra workout in with the physiotherapist, Maureen. She is absolutely amazing. She has 30 years experience working with preemies – she works Ciaran hard but the benefits of her intervention are so notable. She does this on her own time – even at this point, we still are continually reminded of how blessed we are to have been affiliated with this hospital and more importantly, the phenomenal people that work there.

Shay had his hernia operation on Wednesday at Sick Kids. The operation went extremely well – he had yet another amazing surgeon working with him- Dr. Azzie. Following the surgery, Shay ended up having little dip in his breathing coming out of the anesthetic – for this reason, they decided to keep Shay in as an inpatient for a couple of days. He came home yesterday afternoon (Friday). So glad to have him home again!

Both boys are continuing to develop their own little unique personalities. Ciaran is becoming a bit more strong willed these days. He does not have much of an appreciation for his daily exercises – so as a result, he has come up with some avoidance tactics. He now starts fake coughing when he is exercising and looks at us with pleading eyes to stop – he is too funny. Shay has been full of smiles lately – and I am sure that many more are to come now that his hernia is resolved! The two of them are becoming more aware of each other which is really cool.

Well that is about all to report for now. We are looking forward to the nicer weather so that we can get out a bit more than we are at the moment!

Take care everyone! Hope you are all well!
cris, liza, ciaran, and shay