Thansgiving Weekend Pics - Update to come!

Ciaran swinging

Ciaran and his Dad

Shay looking so grown up!

Oh the innocence...ya, right :)

Can you say crocodile tears???

One of my favourites!

Another one of my faves special!


Getting a giggle from his Dad...

Ciaran at work and at play :) much happier without my patch :)

I'm flying!!!!

Sweet, sweet Ciaran...I remain!

Going for a ride

Goofin around

Love it!!!!

A more serious moment :)

Going for a ride...

Have been working on an much has happened...will get it done this week!


Heather Brown said...

Great to see some new pictures! I can't believe how big Ciaran and Shay are - it's so great to see them so happy!

Looking forward to seeing you guys soon.


Geraldine Sneyd said...

I love the pictures of the two brothers enjoying each other's company.
Thanks for posting brand new pictures. Can't wait to see them in their halloween outfits...


Riley said...

Awww... Ciaran and Shay are so adorable. I can't wait to get together again. They look so playful and happy!!!
-Riley <3

Anonymous said...

Hello Liza, Cris, Shay and Ciaran The new pictures are wonderful. The boys are growing up in leaps and bounds. They seem to be having great fun. The artcile by Riley about the boys is very touching and displays wisdom beyond her years.
Martin, Dorothy, Ali, Rachel and Conor.