Pictures from the last month or two

Shay with his Godparents (Tasha and Neil)

Ciaran having a belly laugh!

Ciaran in his hat - look at those cheeks!

Shay in his hat - how cute!

Shay getting ready for a test ride

Sacha trying out our baby carrier!

Liza annoiting Shay

Cris annoiting Shay

The boys in their hats

Shay with his shades

Cake, ummm, Cake

The family motto

A present from Jodi and Cassandra - Sick kids Believe bears

The boys holding hands (kinda)

The boys in their gowns

Father Dave with Ciaran - THANKS FATHER DAVE!

Post baptism photo op with Father Dave!

Ciaran with his godparents - Fern and Camilla

Waiting to be baptized

The boys with their cousins - Damian and Cassie

Ciaran hangin with Bev

Ciaran looking at mum

Shay giving us a coy smile - how cute!

Shay chewing on anything he can get his hands on!


Anonymous said...

Liza and Cris,

Thank you for sharing the special pictures with all of us. The boys have grown so much and look absolutely adorable. Your family is always in our prayers - take care and keep those boys smiling.

Joanne Major

Anonymous said...

Fantastic! So sweet and getting so big-hard to believe it has almost been a year! And what a year........Allyson