March Pics

Shay and Ciaran chillin' on the couch

Shay - not sure what to say about this look!

Ciaran checking out his mum

Ciaran lifting his head WAY up there! GO CIARAN!

The boys in the

Ciaran in his Bumbo looking into the light

Shay in his Bumbo holding on for dear life!

The boys all dressed up


Shay - it could only be Shay

Ciaran sleeping with his mini teddy

Ciaran checking out Kangy (his fav toy)

Shay sleeping with his teddy

Ciaran - happy as a clam

Ciaran in his Bumbo watching Baby Einstein

Auntie Bev with Ciaran during her last visit


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Anonymous said...

The boys are soooo handsome!!! They are starting to look more and more alike. Hope everything is going well and we miss you. Liz