New pics - update coming later in week

Shay seems to like to stick his tongue out!

Ciaran with a bit of a smile for mum...

Ciaran in his high chair!

Shay likes to nap anywhere, anytime


Shay in his high chair!

The boys in clothes

The boys


Anonymous said...

Wow, they are absolutely beautiful. They have grown so much. I can't wait to meet them. I hope you are all well... kiss them both for me. Lianne xo

Anonymous said...

Its about time we got some new pictures. We check in most days and I was thrilled to see these new photos. Seeing the boys in highchairs and in real clothes makes them look so big. My favourite is the last one, they seem to be so content just being near each other. Keep the photos coming!
Love Diane, Phil, Madison & Carly