Happy New Year!!

Happy New Year everyone! Sorry it has taken us so long to be in touch. Life has been extremely busy and hectic. Ciaran and Shay are doing fantastic. They are growing and developing at a rapid pace…believe it or not, Ciaran weighs over 15 pounds and Shay weighs over 13 pounds. The two of them continue to develop their unique personalities which I love!

Ciaran remains sweet, sweet Ciaran. He has a beautiful disposition…really angelic. He is calm, happy and full of smiles these days. The only time that he ever gets upset is when you pull his bottle out for a burp during a feed – in times like this – he gets sooo distressed – he is too funny! Shay continues to be our feisty one. He makes his needs known to all – he knows what he wants and when he wants it – does he remind you of someone :) He too is good natured - smiling tonnes, getting very strong and is making a lot of gains! He is very expressive and cracks us up on a daily basis. The two of them bring so much love and joy to our lives. I must admit that until now, I never fully understood the overwhelming feelings of love that a parent could feel for her child – it is such a beautiful and special thing!

From a developmental perspective, the boys are really coming along. We have had a number of follow up appointments already and will continue to do so well into the future to ensure that the boys are developing according to plan – and should there be hiccups – we will be able to get timely intervention which is so essential for their future development. I am not sure if you all know – but my MA thesis focused on the importance of early intervention - the knowledge and experience I gained has been really useful now that I can connect it on a personal level. Ironic how many synchronicities there are in life…

Ciaran has already had some access to an early intervention program – we have already been hooked up with an Occupational therapist named Allison. She comes into our home once per week and works with Ciaran on muscle development and tone. She has only been to the house twice so far and the progress he has made during this time is unbelievable…again, we have been reminded of how truly blessed we are and what fabulous resources are available in our community!

The appointments will continue and I am sure that we will continuously be reminded that our journey has only just begun. We recognize that there will be many more bumps in the road to come– but none that we can not handle! For now, we know that we are truly blessed to have these two miracles in our lives….Ciaran and Shay remind us on a daily basis what a gift life is– I have been personally reminded that things truly do not matter – what really matters is the quality of our personal relationships in this world – and this year has really emphasized for Cris and I how many relationships and friendships we should be thankful for.

Every single one of us has so much to be thankful for. 2007 was a year we will never forget – despite the obstacles that we have had to face – we have come through it...with our two little boys fighting! We look forward to what 2008 will bring…we are sure that it will bring continued peace, love and happiness.

To you – our amazing family and friends – we wish you all the happiness in the world. We hope that your year brings you joy, laughter, love and friendship. Thank you for being remarkable people in our world this year – we love you and appreciate you!

love you!
liza, cris, ciaran and shay


Anonymous said...

Love the pictures! The boys are adorable. Ciaran & Shay are getting so big is hard to believe how far they've come.
Keep us all posted with their progress...and yes, more pictures please!
Love Diane, Phil, Madison & Carly

Heather and Doyle said...

Great pictures and update - we're so glad the boys are doing so well! We hope that you have a 2008 that is filled with many happy memories - you deserve it!

We're looking forward to seeing you guys soon. Cris, it was great to see you on Saturday!

Heather and Doyle

Anonymous said...

Lisa and Cris ,Ciaran and Shay are adorable I can't believe how they have grown!Sorry I missed themwhen I was in but i didn't want them to catch any bug from me.I heard you all had a great visit which is what family and xmas is all about!!!you guys keep up the good work !Love and God Bless Aunt Bridie