November 13, 2007 - Transition + new pics

Hi everyone, sorry for the delay but things have been hectic as I'm sure you can all imagine. We have been home now for 10 days or so and we are still adjusting to home life with 2 baby boys.

Our homecoming was indeed something special with many mixed emotions but it was all made clear when we got home to see that 2 storks were waiting to greet us and the boys. The storks were courtesy the staff at Guardian Angels Catholic School in Milton. This is where Liza has been teaching for the last several years. It was a great way to come home. Pics below.

We have been to a few appointments already including Shay's first visit to the pediatrician. During our last visit to the baby doc, both boys got their 4month shots + a shot of RSV - a drug to help them fight off colds if they get one. We also had the boys weighed. Ciaran weighed in at 11lbs 10ozs! Shay weighed in at 10lbs 10ozs! They are big, big boys! All in all, things are good and we are happy to be home!

Now on to the pics... these are the last few pics from when we left the hospital to when we got home along with some pics from the last week.

Bev with the boys (she came in on her off day to see us off, she is awesome!)

The boys in their car seats ready to go!

The boys under the storks!

Close up of Ciaran's stork

Close up of Shay's stork!

Shay with mom and her BELIEVE necklace!

The boys taking a nap with mum!

The boys napping again!

This is Riley with Shay and the Tiger she bought for them. It represents STRENGTH!

This is Shippy with Ciaran and the Lion they bought (it represents COURAGE)


Anonymous said...

Hi Liza & Chris,
So happy that things are finally becoming normal for you.
There's still a lot of hard work ahead, but It's going to seem comparatively easy after what you've already been through.
I think the boys are as big as Angela and Kathleen were at that age already, and they were 5lb 3 & 4lb 15 at birth.
Enjoy this time with them, they soon grow up.
I know Vera is looking down proudly on all of you.
Hope to see you and meet the boys soon.
Love Jim

Heather Brown said...

Great to see/hear that you and the boys are adjusting to life at home! We are so excited that you are finally able to share their stories / milestones from your house vs. the hospital!

We are looking forward to see you soon.

Heather and Doyle

Allyson said...

So so so so happy for your four! XO ALlyson