October 29 - Day 117

My goodness does time ever fly! We have almost been at the hospital for 1/3 of the year now. How crazy is that?

Since the last posting, we have been home on two occasions with Ciaran. To be honest, I was trying my best to hold out so that I did not have to go home until both Ciaran and Shay could come home together. What I have learnt from this whole experience is that everything does not always going according to plan. An important lesson, and a very difficult lesson to swallow!

So we went home on Tuesday night because Ciaran had his first pediatrician appointment on Wednesday. We had a good night at home and a very hectic Wednesday morning trying to get ourselves and Ciaran up and ready for his 9:30 appointment. The appointment went extremely well. We were so impressed with the pediatrian that we were referred to - Dr. McGregor. He spent an hour with us going through Ciaran's story - he listened - and I mean really listened, asked questions, and just showed a genuine interest in Ciaran's care. This was such a relief for Cris and I!

We returned to the hospital Wednesday and stayed here til Saturday night. On Saturday, we headed home again to celebrate Jodi's 30th birthday with her. It took us way more time than anticipated to get ourselves organized and hence we missed the surprise by a few hours. It was worth the stress however- as the party was fantastic - had a chance to meet all of Jodi's family and friends - of course, really good people!

In the meantime, Shay has been working really hard to get himself home. He has been spell free now for 7 days...go Shay! It is like everything just clicked for him all of a sudden. I wonder if he is missing his brother...intuitively, I believe that this may be the case. At the moment, Shay is just transitioning to sleeping on his back which is the last transition he needs to overcome to get his ticket home. If we can continue to be spell free by Friday, our little family will be packing the car and heading home which Cris can't wait for.

That is all for now...my little prince has awoken...and I must say he is quite demanding. Both boys wake up and immediately feel that it is their time to be fed...the two of them have quite some good lungs on them!

We look forward to sharing more good news in the next little while.
love to all,
cris, liza, ciaran and shay


Heather Brown said...

I'm glad things continue to progress! The new pictures are great - still so hard to believe how big they are getting!

We're keeping our fingers crossed and looking forward to the day that you write and say that both boys will be home at last! Can't wait!

Hang in there...you truly are almost there!

Heather and Doyle

Heather Brown said...

Happy 1st Halloween
Ciaran and Shay!


Anonymous said...

I'm sending positive, loving, "going home" thoughts your way. What a wonderful time you will have very, very soon. Happy halloween to your two (not so) little pumpkins. Kiss them for me. Love Lianne xo