October 23 - Day 111

Hi all:

Life continues to be busy especially since we are now fully responsible for Ciaran's care which we are loving! Ciaran has done well with his latest transition. He has been awake a little more than usual and has been demanding a tonne of 'holding time'...I would say that he is trying to get caught up for lost time.

Just a brief update as to what has happened in the last couple of days. As you know, Ciaran was discharged Thursday night. On Friday, I took advantage of the beautiful weather and got out for two walks - first with Geraldine and my nephew Eamonn and then later we made arrangements to meet Fab, Camilla, Conor, Orla and Ciara for dinner at Pogue Mahones (one of our two locals). My first outing with Geraldine was a bit stressful - I had Ciaran in the Baby Bjorn and was worried about his breathing - likely a natural reaction from all that we have seen and been through in the NICU. I was a bit more relaxed later on in the evening as this time I decided to put Ciaran in the hospital stoller. I felt much more confident being able to see him 24-7 - AND I thought I would never be an over protective mother :) Sunday was another beautiful day - so we decided to go out and walk around Queen's Park. It felt so amazing to be outside - we have been spoiled with the weather.

Shay refused to be outdone by his brother, so he too found himself in a stroller and outside for a walk on Friday. We have a second primary nurse now for the days that Bev is off named Marsha. She is very cute and caring. She decided on Friday to set Shay up on a portable monitor so that he could have his first breath of fresh air the sma e day as Ciaran. He loved being outside - he was very alert and calm. The following day, Marsha had the Doctor write up an order (presciption) that would allow Shay to come on more walks around the hospital on a monitor. So on Saturday, he spent an hour or so in our room with us on the monitor again. It was nice!

Shay continues to get stronger everyday likely a result of all the exercises he is exposed to through every day. His spells are much more infrequent - maybe one every 3-4 days at this point in time all of which are due to his reflux (stomach contents being released from the stomach but not quite getting spat up. He needs to go a total of 7-10 days spell free before he is able to come home. Even though I am dying to get him home, I realize the importance of time with regards to continuing to mature - and hence I will do my best to remain patient and positive.

The boys hung out on Sunday in the Shay's crib. We got a bunch of pictures that Cris will be posting tonight. We also put them in the stroller together for one shot - it was too funny. Shay, being Shay was not interested in the least to become reaquainted with his brother. Instead, he attempted a number of times to latch on to Ciaran's forehead in an attempt to get milk...it was too funny!

Anyhow, that is all for now. I will be better at posting in the next few weeks (likely briefer posts) as I need to keep my Mom and Dad updated on the boys progress while they are on a much deserved vacation to Australia and New Zealand - they need to get all rested up before they come home and become permanent fixtures at our house in Oakville :)

Take care everyone! Hopefully Cris will have some more recent pictures up of the boys in the next few hours.

lots of love,

cris, liza, ciaran and shay

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