October 18 - Day 106

I sit here tonight with tears in my eyes as I look at my first born son in my hospital room with me for the very first time. There are no monitors, no alarms going off, no nurses...for the very first time since this long road began, Cris and I have Ciaran 100% to ourselves. I cannot explain in words how amazing this long awaited moment feels...no words could ever adequately express how I am feeling...the only thing that could surpass what I am feeling now is when Shay joins Ciaran, Cris and I, and we are able to go home...I realize that this scenario too will become a reality very soon.

So...here I sit with my little miracle, my determined fighter, my sweet, sweet Ciaran. I again am provided with an opportunity to realize that I am a mom, that my boys are really coming home with me - this is something that I never fully accepted in the past three months - likely as a coping mechanism to deal with my fear.

I feel an overwhelming amount of thanks tonight - I am so thankful for life. Never again will I forget how very precious life is and how important it is to honour this fact day in and day out. I am so thankful that I finally have the opportunity to be a mother - this is something that I have longed for, for as long as I remember. I am thankful for Cris - he truly as been my rock throughout this journey - having children has really made me aware of my vunerabilites and being vunerable is a scary thing! Thank you to all of you who have joined us on this journey - we are sooo close to the end and our appreciation and gratitude for our amazing family and friends will never be forgotten.

My boy awaits me...I must go and take advantage of my cuddles and baby kisses...

night everyone and thanks again!


Anonymous said...

Liza and Cris,

This is the best news, you will be home in no time now with both boys. I can hardly wait to meet the twins.

Liza and Cris take care of yourselves and enjoy the cuddles. Enjoy every moment and cherish every moment because they grow up too fast.

Love, Joanne Major

Anonymous said...

Such wonderful news. Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy. I am so happy for all of you.
Love Lianne xo

Cassandra said...

Beautiful - enjoy every moment, you deserve it!

xo Cassandra

Katie said...

Liza & Cris

I had to wipe away a few tears myself after reading this wonderful, awesome news. I truly can't imagine what that must be like to have your son all to yourself, but I am filled with love for you both and for the joy you must be feeling. It is only a matter of time before Shay joins in the fun... stay safe and enjoy those well deserved cuddles and kisses.


Anonymous said...

Ohhh that is just awesome news!! Excuse me while I wipe the tears from my eyes..that entry was so touching! What a journey you've all had and you're almost home!! Enjoy every moment!!!! You're all so lucky to have one another!
Can't wait to finally meet these little guys!

Ele Jones said...

Hi Liza and Cris,

I have been quietly reading your blog for 3 months now and am totally overawed and inspired by the journey you have travelled...

It is just fantastic that you have Ciaran to yourselves and I am sure his brother will be joining you all soon...

I am sorry that I haven't had the opportunity to meet Cris but Joy, Emily and I were together last night and know that he is a very special man as you are a VERY special lady...

looking forward to hearing your returning home news...


Anonymous said...

We are so happy for you guys... this is great news... before you know it Shay will join the 3 of you and the entire family will be together!

We look forward to seeing you soon!

We love you very much,
Nick, Helen, and Daniella

Anonymous said...

Fantastic news! We are so happy for all of you! It will be such a great day when you finally have both of those little miracles at home with you!
Take care and God bless,
Nancy, Mark and Joshua Daniels

Anonymous said...

Amazing. You are almost there! Now the fun begins...I hope I can meet your boys (all three of them!)at Christmas time.

Phyl said...

all the very best .not long now and you will be togeter soon

Phyl Fran xxx