October 16 - Day 104

Hi everyone. Sorry it has been awhile again. The boys continue to keep Cris and I busy! We hit our 100 day mark a few days ago which is quite a milestone I must say, a milestone that we were both excited about! We took Saturday afternoon off this weekend to try to catch up on some much needed sleep. I slept a total of 16 hours from Saturday afternoon to Sunday morning- I need to take whatever I can before I get Ciaran and Shay home.

While I was at home, I came across a number of pictures of Ciaran and Shay in their early days of life. I found myself totally taken aback by how small and fragile they both were in the beginning. To be honest, I found looking at the pictures a little bit difficult. I was reminded of not only how fragile my babies were, but too, how fragile I was. I was also reminded that the boys have come such a long way since then, and I have put many of the early days behind me. It is important to remember that I am not bringing home 2 pound preemies - instead, I am bringing home 10 pounders which is how I want to remember them.

So, we have big news for this week...long awaited news. Ciaran is being discharged from the hospital on Friday of this week. He is ready to go now, however, the staff have agreed to keep him until Friday as he has an eye exam Thursday afternoon. Ciaran will be rooming in with Cris and I in the parent room until Shay is ready to go. Looking back on his journey, it blows my mind of where he's been and where he is at now. All along, he has shown unbelievable strength and determination. He truly is a miracle who has exemplified the power of the human will and spirit - a lesson for all of us.

Shay continues to struggle with his reflux. His hernia and his struggles with bowel movements compound the situation. They tell us that only time can rectify the situation. The sphincter muscle needs to further develop (it lacks some muscle tone since there was a feeding tube obstructing it for the first 3 months of his life) and he needs to develop his abs which will help him become more regular. Neither of us want Shay to come home until he is good and ready, although I must admit, my ideal situation would be that they both come home at the same time. No one knows how long it will take before Shay is ready to go - we will just have to continue to wait patiently, be positive and be thankful for our two little miracles. I keep reminding myself that another few weeks or month is nothing compared to the rest of our lives spent with Ciaran and Shay.

That is all for now. I will do my best to continue to keep you posted. As always - thanks for your positive thoughts and prayers - Ciaran's discharge from the hospital is also a testament to the power of these thoughts and prayers.

lots of love,
cris, liza, ciaran and shay


Heather Brown said...

Great news about Ciaran! Woohoo...we continue to send good thoughts your way!

Heather and Doyle

LeeAnn said...

Yeah Ciarin!!!!!!!!! Congrats...so happy for you. I'm sure Shay will be right behind :)

Anonymous said...

Wahoooooooooooooo!! I'm so happy to hear this news. I know in my heart of hearts that Shay will be following soon... maybe we should rent "Abs of Steel" for him. All my best. Love and prayers, Lianne xo

Anonymous said...

Hey Guys what great news about Ciaran,and don't worry about Shay he will miss his little brother and will follow soon after!!We are so happy for you Both!
Aunt Bridie and Uncle Liam

Anonymous said...

what great news! I'm so happy for you! Hopefully Shay won't be too much longer.


Anonymous said...

Great news, I'm sure Shay will not be far behind.
My thoughts are with you all.

Anonymous said...

Hip Hip Hooray!!! That is such wonderful news!!! You must be over the moon..I'm so excited for you guys! Go Shay you can do it!!!
Hugs and prayers!

Anonymous said...

Great news...Yeah!!

Farrah,Dermot and Juliana.

Anonymous said...

That is so great! And it won't be long before the twins are back together. Remember for everything there is a reason. We continue to keep all of you in our prayers. Liza we miss you at work.


Anonymous said...

Fantastic news Liza and Cris!! Keep us posted!! xo Christy

Anonymous said...

Amazing news-we are so thrilled foy you-life is just getting better and better! Super huge hugs to all of you-Allyson

Anonymous said...

That is such amazing news, CONGRATULATIONS!! I'm so happy for you. Shay will be right behind, he seems fiesty enough to not let his brother be too far ahead of him. You'll have to bring them by school, once they're ready, so we can all dote over them!! Tina G:)