New Pics - October 27, 2007

Here are some pics from yesterday (OCT 26 2007)

Liza with both boys - that's a whole lot of baby!

Ciaran's hand

The boys knocking heads already!

The boys again

The boys together in a crib

Checking each other out



The boys just chilling out

Shay's butt again but covered with a cow, how cute!

Ciaran with dad :)


Anonymous said...

Can't help but smile and feel good when we see those pictures. It's amazing to see how big the boys are now. They are adorable!!
Love Diane, Phil, Madison & Carly

Allyson said...

Stunning kids and Liza, I am proud to say you have that new mom, glow! Adorable! Enjoy them-every second, even at 4am when all you want to do is crawl back into bed! Enjoy my friend!

Anonymous said...

The boys and you Liza look terrific. They are going from strength to strength. Ciaran and Shay are blessed to have such wonderful parents.

Martin, Dorothy, Ali, Rachel and Conor (Dublin)