Pictures - From the past week!

Ciaran hangin with mum!

Ciaran relaxin!

Shay hangin with dad!

Shay man!

Here's lookin at you kid! (Shay)

Shay's bum 11 weeks later - can you believe it?

Shay having a serious moment!

Shay (after serious moment)

Ciaran and mum!

Sweet sweet Ciaran!


Anonymous said...

They are just gorgeous!!!! It looks like you are thoroughly enjoying them...what lucky little boys to have such wonderful parents!
We miss you Liza!!!

Anonymous said...

I can't help but smile and get a chill when I see the boys. They are adorable. To think of how far they have come...By the way, I loved the updated bum picture. It shows just how much they have grown!
Love Diane & family

Anonymous said...

Liza, the pictures are wonderful. The boys have really grown and I love the chins. Enjoy every moment with them and hopefully you will all be home soon.

Take care,

Joanne Major

Cassandra said...

What little angels! Love the bum!

xo Cassandra

Anonymous said...

Picture perfect Liza. They are truly beautiful. Miss you

Anonymous said...

Hey Liza,
The boys are beautiful! So happy for you both as things seem to be progressing well. Good luck when you get home.